About Us

About Us

The purpose of the Lelia Patterson Fitness & Aquatics Center is to offer the community opportunities to enhance their wellness and quality of life in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. We achieve this through providing a wide variety of options for your wellness, including our 25-yard Junior Olympic Pool, our state-of-the-art gymnasium, a full selection of exercise classes with our certified instructors, as well as personal training.

People of all beliefs and from all walks of life come to the LPC because it is a place where you can feel 100% comfortable just being you, no matter where you are in relation to your overall fitness goals. If you’re looking for somewhere to stretch your personal limits and reach for your best health in a safe and accommodating atmosphere, you will feel right at home here at the LPC. We are here to support you in achieving your personal best!

Member Testimonial

Chris Lytle, Age 56

On his 43rd birthday, Chris Lytle was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, tipping the scale at around 290 pounds, on three different diabetes medications, blood pressure medication, and a statin for high triglycerides.

“At one point, I was taking 14 pills a day.”

Chris started a physician’s weight loss program and lost around 25 pounds but plateaued at that point, unable to continue his weight loss. As he attended his oldest son’s graduation in 2007, he had a startling realization.

“I realized that if I didn’t do something I wouldn’t be around when my younger son graduated.”

That’s when Chris began going to the LPC regularly. At first, he wasn’t sure exactly how to best help himself, so he decided to ask for help from one of our trainers.

“I scheduled a session and was signed up with Mitsue Garmon. After several sessions with Mitsue, the weight started coming off. I lost over 70 pounds and went from a size 44 waist to a 34/36 waist and was taken off all of the medications. Most importantly, I am the strongest I have ever been and weight management and daily exercise are a normal part of my routine. The friendly staff and members at LPC are always willing to help. Whether it be advice on workouts or just friendly conversation, these folks are awesome.”

Our Story

Our Story

The Lelia Patterson Fitness & Aquatics Center (LPC) has its roots in a Seventh Day Adventists community called Fletcher Academy, Inc. (FAI). FAI began in 1910 as the Asheville Agricultural School and Mountain Sanitarium. The medical missionary work at the sanitarium grew to become the area’s well-known and loved Park Ridge Health, and the school grew into the Captain Gilmer Christian School (grades K – 8) and Fletcher Academy (grades 9 – 12).

Bio_PlaceHolder1The goal of FAI is to positively impact people through education and service in the community. In doing so, FAI brought in services and facilities to support both their students and the community at large, including the Lelia Patterson Fitness & Aquatics Center, the Fletcher Park Inn retirement community. In addition to the community support offered by these branches of the FAI, the businesses offer a Work Study Program to students, helping them to acquire practical life skills.
The LPC was named for Lelia Patterson, a nurse and pillar of the early FAI medical community. She spent 43 years with what is now Advent Health, dedicating her time to ministering physically, spiritually, and financially to the mountain folk in the Fletcher community.

Student Testimonial

Lisset Fuentes, Fletcher Academy 2016 Graduating Senior

Lisset had been to eight different schools before she found Fletcher Academy. As she navigated her way through the public school system, she heard about FA and felt a pull to find a way to attend. As the start of her sophomore year in high school approached, she took a chance and applied.

“I decided to fill out all paperwork and really try and make it and leave the rest up to God. Two weeks later, I received an acceptance letter and a week after I finished public school I came for the summer work-study program.”

Lisset joined the Plant Services work crew and began building friendships with the staff and other students. She also began visiting the Lelia Patterson Fitness & Aquatics Center.

“It’s wonderful to have such an amazing place to relieve stress, keep body healthy and as a result keep mind healthy! The staff there is always ready with a smile to help. LPC has such a variety of programs, activities and machines that target all types of needs, and I love that all ages are welcome and supported! LPC truly is a magnificent place for everyone, especially as a busy student who has crazy schedules but still wants a welcoming place with all that I need!”