Membership Information

At the Lelia Patterson Fitness & Aquatics Center, we offer a variety of options for you to participate in our programs, from single-day passes to annual memberships. Our goal is to make these options easy to navigate and select from, so please take a moment to review our offerings and see which might be the best fit for you. If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Please Note: All memberships require an in-person visit to our front desk to sign up. See you soon!

Enrollment Fees: All memberships other than day passes have an enrollment fee as outlined below. Memberships automatically renew.  Still, with our annual membership tiers, you will be notified when it’s time to renew.  Please see our Membership Handbook for more details.


Anyone 18 or older can sign up for an individual membership.


Save money by sharing a membership with a member of your household! From couples, to roommates, to parents with children, as long as you live in the same home, you qualify for this level of membership. Proof of residency is required.


Family memberships accommodate up to six members of the same household, including up to two adults and up to four children aged 6 months or older. Proof of residency is required.

Annual Memberships

Annual memberships offer our most affordable pricing. If you’re ready to commit to your health all year long, this is the option for you!  Annual memberships automatically renew to the monthly rate, unless you renew to lock in another annual membership.  Rates are per month or may be paid a year in full.  Please review these details carefully, then visit our front desk to sign up and receive information on our change of membership and cancellation policies.

  • Individual Annual Membership—$49.00
    • Senior—$47.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$59.00
  • Couple Annual Membership—$73.00
    • Senior—$71.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$59.00
  • Family Annual Membership—$78.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$90.00

 Monthly Memberships

If you need more flexibility with your membership, our month-to-month membership program is the way to go.  Your membership continues monthly so you do not need to worry about a renewal date.  Visit our front desk to sign up and receive details on our change of membership and cancellation policies.

  • Individual Monthly Membership—$59.00
    • Senior—$57.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$99.00
  • Couple Monthly Membership—$83.00
    • Senior—$81.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$99.00
  • Family Monthly Membership—$88.00
    • Enrollment Fee—$120.00

Day Passes

Want to come visit us for the day or try our facilities out for a week or two before you commit to a membership? Here are our day pass options.

  • Day Pass—$15.00
    • Child (13 years and younger) —$7.50
  • 10 Pack of Individual Day Passes—$120.00
    • 10 Pack must be used within 60 days of purchase.

Aquatics & Fitness Classes

We offer a full range of fitness classes to suit every skill level and interest. Whether you’re just starting on your fitness path or you are an experienced athlete, we have classes for you! Click here to check out our full class list.

Towel & Locker Service

For your convenience, we provide one towel per member for each visit as well as a secure locker for your valuables in our ample locker rooms. Enjoy your workout, take a refreshing shower, and then drop your dirty towel off in our towel bin before you leave. Tote less in your gym bag and leave for home feeling fresh!

Child Supervision

If you are a member with children aged 6 months to 8 years, you can feel free to use our child supervision program during available hours while you are onsite using our facilities. We want to make it easier for parents to do the activities they love while knowing that their kids are in great hands. Click here for a complete list of our child supervision policies.

Walking Track

When the weather does not permit you to walk outside or you do not enjoy walking on a treadmill take advantage of our indoor walking track.  Twelve laps equals one mile.  Located on the second floor of the gymnasium.

Basketball Courts

We offer 2 full sized basketball courts that are also used for pickleball and volleyball courts. The gym can also be converted into a carpeted concert and convention venue.